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Opportunity knocks for the Channel in IP Camera market

by Alex Mesguich, VP of Enterprise Research

The IP camera market has reached a tipping point in Europe, accounting for around half of all revenue from surveillance and security camera sales. This is mainly due to businesses looking to migrate from legacy CCTV technology.

In addition to legacy systems being discarded, a number of key events have shaped the IP cameras and connected home markets over the last year including Nest’s acquisition of DropCam. With a impressive year-on-year unit sales growth over the last couple of years, we anticipate more mergers in the IP camera space where smaller, specialist players are snapped up by larger IT electronics giants wanting a piece of the cake in this area.

Amongst the European countries, France has been the largest market in Europe, accounting for an 18% share with the UK third (12%).

D-Link is by far the largest vendor of IP cameras in Europe, having steadily grown its market share from 2012 (58%), to 2013 (66%) and 2014 (68%).

For the IT channel, this is good news indeed with many of the IT solution and managed service providers jumping on the IP video surveillance trend. The popularity of IP based video surveillance cameras that offer high quality video and in-built recorders is set to stay. Particular hotspots for IP surveillance sales will be end user application areas such as transportation as well as retail, education hospitality and healthcare.

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