VR Insights – IFA 2016

On Monday the 5th of September 2016 we invited customers and partners to an evening of Virtual Reality. The event was hosted in cooperation with Oculus which presented its final consumer version of the Rift VR headset, soon to go on sale at select retailers across the EU.

CONTEXT revealed key findings of the latest European-wide Virtual Reality consumer survey which was conducted in conjunction with VR Research Group partners such as AMD, Dell, and of course, Oculus. To kick things off, Jonathan Wagstaff UK Country Manager talked through some of the unrealised potential applications in the B2B environment such as breakthrough medical treatments and future video-conferencing technologies.


Amanuel Dag, DACH Manager at CONTEXT welcomes guests

Ferhan Özkan from Crytek gave the audience a glimpse into their survey conducted at international universities on the adoption rate of Virtual Reality headsets and supporting hardware. One of the main findings was that such institutions are a big potential market since there are currently only 1,5 headsets on average in use per university.

CONTEXT as well as Crytek were positive about future developments and both had no doubt that VR technology has the ability to influence our daily life in more ways than just immersive entertainment.

The next presenter was Dr Matthew Nicholls who showcased his fully rendered recreation of Virtual Rome as it was in ancient time. It took him six years of hard work (Rome wasn’t built in a day!) to produce an astonishing detailed model of ancient Rome. With VR technology it is possible now to have a walk-through the Forum during the time of Caesar, something that brings history to life like no other teaching tool.

Adam Simon, Global Managing Director of Retail at CONTEXT wrapped up the evening with key highlights of the CONTEXT European-wide VR survey. One important discovery was that users in general thought that the overall costs are still too high for premium VR headsets to become a mass market product; it was not just the price of the 500-600 EUR VR headsets that was highlighted but also the price to upgrade a desktop PC which needs to be considered.

The evening ended in the wonderful Bocca di Bacco restaurant where the audience had the opportunity to share their own VR experience thanks to the availability of an Oculus Rift kit.

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