Global Metal 3D Printing Market Remains Hot in Q3’15

Worldwide sales of 3D Printing machines which produce metal parts were up +45% in Q3 2015 compared to the same period one year ago despite the woes in the overall Industrial/Professional 3D Printer market.

While North America remains the world’s largest region for 3D Printing with 44% of Industrial/Professional Printers shipped in Q3’15 going into this region, Western Europe leads in consumption of metal-based systems in this segment.  More than 56% of all metal systems shipped in Q3’15 were shipped into this region in the period predominately by Western European companies due to the heavy influence of Western European, and in particular, German company’s focus on developing and refining metal 3D Printing.

In terms of industries, the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical markets remain leading industries for metal 3D Printing, leveraging the power of Additive Manufacturing for its ability to offer mass-customization and/or detailed, low-volume part production previously not reproducible via traditional manufacturing techniques, with companies like GE, Boeing and Airbus leading the way.

As the 3D Printing industry continues to evolve away from just leveraging the technology for rapid prototyping, more and more metal machines are continuing to find homes alongside traditional machines on factory floors.

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