Does colour matter?

I remember buying my first mobile phone under contract, upgrading from a pay-as-you-go. It was big moment: I would be able to use my phone without worrying about how far my £10 top-up would take me. I would use my phone more than I ever did before.

The question was: what handset would I go for? When I walked into the phone shop one handset immediately caught my attention: the recently launched Motorola SLVR RED. In addition to its redness, for every handset bought £10 would go to a fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. By purchasing the phone two things would happen:

  • I would contribute to a good cause at pretty much no additional cost to me (though I am pretty sure I paid for it as part of the handset price)
  • I would make a statement every time I used my phone: I have a red phone and I am sure you want one too!

Making a phone call or sending an SMS would not go unnoticed. Given the variety of [phone] colours available back then, one would blend in anywhere with a black or grey phone. I would definitely stand out with my new red phone.

Nowadays, phone manufacturers have embraced colour for their handset as a marketing tool and the variety of colours available is impressive. I was recently looking at some of the CONTEXT data and, across all manufacturers, there are over 250 colours. These could obviously be grouped into the main standard colours, but this shows how colour is used to market to the end user.

Colour is now more than ever in fashion, although black, white and grey/silver phones remain top sellers. For those who have not made the jump to a coloured phone, there is always the option of a coloured case. And, by the way, my current phone is grey and has a grey case: I’ve finished the time of wanting to make a statement.

There is more than colour to phones now: screen size, variety of apps, being able to make wireless payments amongst others.

by GC

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