Keeping customers in a crisis

When things get rough, you’re under pressure, customers are calling, how do you keep everyone happy and make sure you come out of the crisis with customer satisfaction intact?

The recent London Tube strike gave me an opportunity to see how this works in real life. With the Tube shut down, taxi services were at a premium. My preferred provider is Addison-Lee, I’m not a fan of Uber or back street mini-cab companies. I spend hundreds with Add-Lee, so was sure my booking to Heathrow would get through.

No luck.

Just after the payment screen on the iPhone app, a message appears saying “No credit card or cash bookings due to the strike”.

And then, up pops an email in my inbox from Hailo. “Don’t worry about the strike,” it says, “we’re doing our best to keep you moving”. Even better, Hailo allows pre-booking, so within minutes I had a cab booked and was on my way to the airport.

So my personal consumer reaction?

Addison-Lee, you let me down in my hour of need. Uber, you ripped off users with 300% price hikes. Hailo, you’re my hero, and I will definitely be using you again.

by JD

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