Like Apples and Androids 

Did you hear? The internet was abuzz earlier this month with suggestions that Google might be making its Android Wear OS – on which most Smart Watches are currently run – compatible with Apple’s iOS.

For lack of any further leaks, the web has fallen silent on the topic, pundits awaiting an update at Google’s upcoming I/O developer conference no doubt. Not that a Google confirmation would guarantee anything, Apple still have the right, and perhaps the will, to stop them in their tracks.

Why? Well, for one, allowing Android Wear powered Smart Watches into its world could very well steal the thunder from its recently released offering. Oh, and there is clause 3.1 in Apple’s App Developer guidelines: “Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected”… hmmm, Android Wear…

So we will have to wait and see about that. But here’s why I’m hoping Apple will say YES. Firstly, it would be an unambiguous show of confidence in the merits of their own product: able to fend for itself without the need for a protectionist walled garden. Secondly, the added competition would incentivise Apple to stay ahead of the game, and release that all-important much improved second-gen Apple Watch I’m holding out for…

Finally, and most importantly, it would be consistent with the contemporary zeitgeist. At a time when we are starting to talk of a truly interconnected world – meshing together inanimate objects on individual, domestic, and city wide scales – incompatibilities between competing hardware/software solutions are starting to appear ever more anachronistic: the Internet-of-Apple-Things is not quite the same as the IoT.

Of course, there is no telling for certain that Google will make their play in any case, and as we have seen, there are very good reasons why Apple might turn them down even if they do so. But one can always hope. After all, times they are a changing. Indeed, who would have thought way back when that Microsoft would one day come to flaunt how nicely its hardware plays with Apple software? So who will win at wearables?

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