Ode to a Battery

by Adam Simon, Global Managing Director, Retail Business Development

As the Apple Watch goes on sale in the UK tomorrow, there will a chorus of disappointment about its battery life. The watch will need to be charged every night along with the multiple other gadgets which require such daily treatment.

How small-minded we are. Life is about to be breathed into the Cinderella category of wearables- full of promises but never previously present at the ball of consumer goods. We are about to engage in a game of conspicuous consumption with the ultimate new gadget, and the conversation will always revert back to how tiresome it is to be shortchanged by the cellular power unit!

So here is a verse dedicated to the Apple Watch battery ahead of its launch day of 24th April 2015.

Ode to a Battery
Oh wee piece of lithium

Humbly placed inside wrist-bound gem
Connecting time and place

You light up this day

With dreams of
Links to a new world

We extol you – virtue of man’s ingenuity

We laud you – precious life of gadgetry

We acknowledge you – hidden power of chronometry

Your daily charge fills our cup

Technology overflows

Let there be no discord
As gentle pulse

the face of Apple Watch

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