I think Google Glass was doomed within days of the wacky device being announced. It didn’t take long before spoof videos were appearing on YouTube (my favourite the one about the man on a date using Glass to get ahead).

Ridicule is a cruel destroyer of ambition.

It’s a bit like cabin fever. Lock someone up in a confined space with no change of scenery or opportunity to get out, and very soon they go stark, staring bonkers. I can imagine the scene in a secret lab with limited access and no windows where whoever was allowed to develop the Glass idea locked themselves up securely and convinced themselves that talking to a pair of spectacles on your head was going to be The Next Big Thing.

If that wasn’t enough, the thinking went further into the realms of fantasy and believed that the public would beta test the device, and even pay $1,500 for the privilege.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and looking back it’s easy to see why Glass failed. But if only the minds at Google had used some intelligent foresight, they would have realised that while wanting to get connected is good, Glass was a daft idea and should have been strangled at birth.

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