IT Business awards, Germany

A week ago, we attended the prestigious Distribution Awards run by IT-Business in Augsburg, Germany. The event is held on an annual basis showcasing the crème de la crème of distribution in Germany. This year, we were proud to have been one of the sponsors and we enjoyed taking part in this exclusive gala event to see who the IT industry rated the most.

The award categories, presented to the winning Channel/Distribution team, included:

  • Value Added Distributor
  • IT-Security & Network technology
  • Server & Storage
  • Desktops & Notebooks
  • Vitrtualisation
  • SaaS & Cloud Computing
  • Components
  • Periphery
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadliner

And the proud winners were:

On the night, we had interesting conversations with Managing Directors of key German distributors as well as Channel Managers of the leading IT vendors. 
The channel representatives from the vendor community once again confirmed how important the indirect sales model is and what a key role it continues to play. One topic discussed most during the evening, was how fiercely competitive the market in Germany is. 2014 saw a number of distributors go bankrupt as well as a series of acquisitions and mergers. The message of the night was clear and in line with the traditional distribution model: Get big, get niche or get out.

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