The iPhone 6 and 6Plus – just what we expected and thank goodness we did get the two screen sizes!

It did not start well. I switched on the TV, fired up the Apple TV, and me and my wife settled down with a cool glass of Pino Grigio to watch Tim Cook and gang reveal all at Apple’s Flint Center event.

The broadcast started. But what was that in the background? Simultaneous translations mixed in with Tim Cook’s opening. Bedlam.

I can’t watch this, said my wife, it’s awful.

Suddenly the Apple TV stopped. Black screen and message Content Not Available – Try Again Later. Then a TV test screen appeared, and a few seconds later the broadcast started again, but with the translation. From the beginning.

I dumped my glass of wine and  fired up my iPad mini, got the broadcast going on Safari, but still the multiple sound track. OK, let’s try the big guns, so I junked the iPad and switched on the MacBook Pro.

Same problem.

I’m watching TV, said my wife, this is a total waste of time.

Not the best start to the world’s most anticipated product launch from the world leader in making technology accessible to the masses.

But it was worth the wait and multiple restarts on the live stream. The iPhone 6 and 6Plus – just what we expected and thank goodness we did get the two screen sizes.

Apple Pay, long rumoured but the scope surprises. Getting all the partners lined up is an amazing achievement.

But the jewel in the event’s crown has to be Apple Watch, exceeding all expectations with stunning designs, and the brilliantly simple and elegant Digital Crown controller. The user interface looks easy and intuitive. And what a slam dunk with the three model ranges and optional straps. They have the market covered and at surprisingly accessible price range.

At a stroke Apple have redefined the category, which is what they do best, and just what they needed to do today. Phew!

And I’m joining the queue for the iPhone 6plus, and putting my iPads out to pasture. Can’t wait!

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