When I’m 64…

I turned 64 this year and corny as it might sound, I really did listen to myself hum the iconic Beatles song. I remember when it first came out, and it was mind warping to sit back within myself and realise that I was there when the song was created, and had now arrived at a point in my life that I could not even consider when I was in my teens. “Will you still need me”… the catchy tune and poignant phrases are so relevant today as I face moving ever closer to my 70’s, and beyond.

I suppose that must be a bit how Apple could be feeling these days, with the imminent launch of whatever it is they will launch on September 9th, but will probably be the iPhone 6, and if we’re  lucky some game-changing giant-sized iPads, and perhaps even something Apple we can strap to our wrists.

The future, however, is uncertain. It’s one thing to have a single killer product in a relatively new area that you can dominate, than fighting to compete with a host of imitators all doing it at much lower prices, while still searching for the “next big thing”.

In a previous blog I already mused about my future and Tablets: with a larger smartphone screen, will I need the iPad mini or for that matter any iPad at all. As far as new areas go, I think unless a wearable can read your blood pressure and sugar levels and use this to accurately monitor your health in a meaningful way, then I’m not interested in knowing how much I toss and turn at night and how many steps I walked that day.

Yes, September 9th will be a turning point for Apple, there’s no doubt about it. And unless the company can come up with some game-changers, it may not be long before they too might be humming the Beatles song, and wondering how to get people to need them, as they get older.

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