The iPhone 6 cometh…

The new iPhone 6 is soon to be upon us, and maybe this time I will upgrade. I resisted the urge to go to the new iPhone from my 5 last time around as I struggled with rationalising the benefits, such as a faster processor, fingerprint recognition and … ?, but maybe it’s different this time. Why? because I’ll probably be saying goodbye to all my iPads. Why? because if – as rumoured – the iPhone 6 has that glorious big display, then I will have reached a goal I searched for during the brief period I was in love my HTC One. Phone, pictures, internet and sat nav, all in one device, and a screen size just right for everything on the move. It’s amazing what a difference that extra inch of screen real estate makes. So much so that I bought all the accessories for the HTC including an extremely clever car dock that, when connected, knew you were in a car, and switched to car mode with big buttons, sat nav on tap, and message reading. I used it with CoPilot and the Google maps on trips across Europe and it never failed.

In the end it was Android that finally turned me away. Yes the HTC had a very neat trick that when I connected to my MacBook Pro, a message popped up saying “hey, I notice you have an iPhone backup file on your Mac. Would you like me to import your messages, photos, music etc”. But the One never sat easily beside my OSx environment, I’m still picking up the pieces from the Android and IOS mating that cluttered my MacBook Pro. With a twinge of regret I reverted to my iPhone.

So to get a big screen that does phone, and sits nicely in my Apple world would be heaven. But as I said at the beginning, what about my iPads? My original iPad has been collecting dust ever since I got the mini, and frankly the  mini hasn’t had an outing in weeks. And no, I didn’t go for the last refresh on either of those either.

There’s a lot riding for Apple on the iPhone 6. If my experience is anything to go by, there will be people making choices between Apple devices as opposed to building a fleet as has been the case in the past. I’m sure Apple has this all thought out, but it will be interesting to see the impact on Tablet numbers when, or should I say if, the larger screen size options on the new iPhone 6 are announced.

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